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Sometime during the late evening hours of March 4th or the early morning hours of March 5th, 2009, a natural gas leak developed that unfortunately resulted in a significant explosion. The entire building that is now occupied by TORO, and other businesses, was completely demolished. 

This tragic event will always be remembered by Bozeman citizens who are grateful to the property owners, Ralph Ferraro and Mike Hope, for rebuilding on the severely damaged site.  They have created a bigger and better structure appropriately named the F&H Building.

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Executive Chef – Josh Gordon

A 19 year veteran of the restaurant and foodservice world, Chef Josh Gordon’s love of Mexican cuisine started when he was in high school.  A native of the suburbs of Chicago, he still remembers a certain Mexican restaurant on the North-Side that he frequented as a senior in high school. Since then, he has sought out the best Mexican food everywhere he went, usually winding up at the places where you have to order in Spanish to get the best, most authentic Mexican food.  

Josh attended college at the University of Colorado at Boulder and after graduating with a degree in psychology, he chose to fully pursue his culinary ambitions and attended The Culinary School of the Rockies. Upon graduation, Josh found work in Boulder at a fine dining restaurant, learning Spanish in the process from his incredibly patient Spanish-speaking coworkers.  He then moved back to Chicago for several years of product development and corporate chef work, working with some of the nation’s largest food manufacturers (Unilever, John Morrell, Nature’s Sweet, Johnsonville).  Josh's next career move landed him in one of the city’s three Michelin star restaurants, while there he also wrote several published articles for food industry magazines.

Josh always knew the mountains were calling his name, and 3 years ago, he moved to Bozeman.  While working at Black Bull Golf Community under Chef Corey Ceccacci, Josh heard about this position.  He knew that this was his chance to have authentic Mexican cuisine in Bozeman, while still putting an innovative, fresh, and modern spin on his favorite foods.  Fast forward a few months of sourcing quality Mexican ingredients and local meats and vegetables, and putting a team of passionate and like-minded staff members together, and here we are:  Bienvenidos a Toro  (“Welcome to TORO.”)


Managing Partner – Rhett Tschache

Managing partner Rhett Tschache is a 3rd generation resident of the City of Bozeman.  He has spent his entire life in Bozeman and acquired his love of the City and the surrounding area from his parents, Gary and Candy Tschache.  Gary, a prominent Bozeman resident and business owner, passed away in September 2011.  Before his death, however, Rhett was the general manager of one of Gary’s businesses, Kagy Korner, a staple on the south side of town since opening its doors in November 1987.  

If you ask Rhett, he will quickly tell you working at Kagy Korner was a wonderful experience.  Rhett’s father, Gary Tschache, was not only prominent contributor to the Bozeman community.  Gary’s passion, inherited by his son, Rhett, is shown by providing friendly customer service at a neighborhood business that people can easily afford to patronize and enjoy.

Without doubt, Rhett’s love for Bozeman and all of its residents was passed down from his father.  His principal desire is to continue Gary Tschache’s legacy of “providing all who enter the doors, with a great, unique and memorable experience.”

Rhett and Josh, along with the rest of the staff, welcomes you to TORO.